Next test winner from STEVENS: The E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF is 'Super'

Next test winner from STEVENS: The E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF is 'Super'

  • STEVENS E-Inception Bikes can once again convince all along the line. At the magazine EMTB our All-Mountain model E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF scored the highest number of points and became the test winner with the verdict 'Super' - just like 'its big brother', our E-Inception FR 9.7 GTF from the new model generation of Carbon E-Fullys.

The STEVENS bikes of the newly designed E-Inception Line continue to be in the fast lane, because the second test of our Carbon E-Fullys also gave the test result 'Super', the highest score and thus the award as test winner. The editors and testers of the magazine EMTB tested a total of eight different E-MTB Fullys in the December & January issue, this time it was about the Allmountain models. Four of the eight wheels were pure Carbon E-Fullys, one of them our E-Inception AM 9.7 GTF. Whether downhill characteristics, uphill or trail evaluations, the testers almost always gave the highest possible score for the STEVENS bike. The editors praised: "High level of riding safety, good chassis, successful equipment - you don't have to hunch over demanding terrain on board the E-Inception". With the full carbon E-MTB's we have opened a new chapter at STEVENS: The complete frame including chain stays is made of carbon, is convincingly light and guarantees riding fun on both sides of the mountain in all-mountain riding. The conclusion of the testers makes you want to try the Inception AM 9.7 GTF: "Strong uphill, strong downhill. Neither restless nor slow. Not too heavy, not too sparsely loaded with battery. The E-Inception AM is a real, but sporty all-rounder at a fair price". Furthermore, the STEVENS was able to place itself at the top of the test field with the best range value.


The completely redesigned, innovative carbon frame combines the finest components, the ultra-light Shimano EP8 drive system (engine weight only 2.5 kg) with a 726Wh battery and the top-of-the-range Fox chassis to form a successful combination. Moto-cross feeling on the E-MTB - this is also how the testers' conclusion can be interpreted. And the once again positive test result and assessment is a recognition of the many hours our engineers, designers and testers have put into the development of our high-tech bikes for the 2021 season. The testers were impressed by the modern and sporty geometry with long reach, flat steering angle and very steep seat angle.

As with our Enduro version, the E-Inception FR 9.7 GTF, they liked the MX wheel mix with a 29" front wheel and 27.5" rear wheel, which makes the AM 9.7 GTF agile when steering around corners and "moving well onto the rear wheel". As for uphill characteristics, the testers emphasised the steep seat angle (the steepest of the eight wheels), which gives you a lot of pressure on the front wheel and allows you to climb steep ramps in a controlled manner.

Two tests, two test winners - that's all it takes for STEVENS Highend E-Inception Line.


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